LOCATION: Washington DC | FOUNDED: 2017 | WHERE TO BUY: LOCAL'd, Union Kitchen Grocery, GoPuff and Postmates. Also available for shipping nationwide! | CAMPAIGN GOAL: $40,000

ABOUT: “Like most people I have a sweet tooth. But I also want to eat healthy.” - Says the owner of Berg Bites, a Junior who studies at The George Washington University while taking on the task of building his own company. 

The idea of Berg Bites first came about when these "health balls" were being served as dessert to household guests. Everyone fell in love with these bites which was when he decided that someday, he will make sure this healthy dessert is available to everyone! 

Now in 2017 Berg Bites, the company, has been established with a mission to serve these bite sized "health balls" all throughout the DC area and so on. Packed with heart healthy oats and Omega 3 powerhouses like chia and hemp seeds, Berg Bites are the guilt-free snack that are sinfully delicious! Shop Now at 'Shop DC'


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